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Fitbox Gifts

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Oh yipee ka yeah… I got my  FITBOX GIFTS box and I could not wait to open it.

Why a fitbox pack? I have to think of all sorts of gifts each month .. sometimes each week.. for many of my loved ones, and honestly I just wanted something a little different to try out. I have also been trying to look after myself a bit more of late. Trust me its been the year of URBANTUTU, so fitness has been on the top of my list too. Of course before I gift my friends I needed to sample the goodies myself first. What kind of friend would I be otherwise… hehe.

I contacted the beautiful Lianne, from FITBOX GIFTS I guess to learn more about this awesome new idea. A short time after, the box arrived and I couldn’t be happier! Premium goodies, exactly what I was hoping to see! I also love that some of the proceeds also go towards Rednose, a very worthwhile cause too.

So what is in the FUNtastic Deluxe Box ….


Unique, vibrant design printed on microfibre suede material 

Handy zip pocket, perfect for holding your phone, card & key

Absorbent and quick drying

Compact and light

Moveactive Ombre Violet Non Slips

Ok, ok, so purple is one of my favourite colours ever. True story, I actually went on holidays once, and really didn’t realise that every single top I packed was actually purple coloured. P.S. this is the best excuse ever to be forced into going and doing some shopping.  I DIGRESS.. BACK TO THE SOCKS.

These gorgeous Ombre Violet non slip socks are just the best. When you are standing,doing your yoga pose, and deep in silent reflection… you will remember thank god, my feet are not slipping!!

Featuring five shades of purple from deep plum to light mauve.

They have a new grip design that is stable and stronge

They also have a mid-foot compression band for a firm fit.


I have never really looked at shoe laces, until I had to start buying a pair almost every month (shaking my fists in the air at the moment), for my 8 year old boy. I don’t know what on earth he does to his, but its annoying. So getting good quality, scratch that, the best quality laces is just vital !!! Its my sanity here we are talking about ! I also got the cutest engraved lace lock set. Could my sneakers look any hotter !! Soon my foot will look better than the rest of me.

My box had these gorgeous Salmon coloured flat laces. Thats right flat. What a classic look !

 Solid colour blocks and thick weave for durability and an awesome texture.

Polyester/cotton blend laces meaning a super smooth look and they won’t fray like the pure cotton ones!

Protein Glass Shaker bottle and mixer ball

Ok, so this is perfection bottled up. This Shaker/ water bottle, just totally ticks all the boxes and then some. It has a little mixer ball included so you can shake up some protein magic. Hey I wonder what creative concoctions people come up with these days. The best part is it doesn’t stink!!

Zero Plastic, Zero Chemicals, Zero Odor, Zero Leak, Zero Lumps. 

Australia first Borosilicate Pre, Intra, Post Workout Shaker/Water bottle.

New Protein Shaker bottle on sale with shaker ball and mixer for any use and perfect for fitness sport and gym

I have done my bit and now its over to you. Set yourself a goal and let FITBOX HELP YOU GET THERE IN STYLE.

Much Love



  1. Wow, all are fantastic I love the purple socks soooo much they look so beautifully and comfortable my feet need them 😊😊 thanks for sharing x

    November 28, 2017
  2. Amy

    What a great box! Love the Protein Glass Shaker bottle and mixer ball. I need to get one!

    November 28, 2017
  3. Christina @madeformadison
    Christina @madeformadison

    Ok this is SOooooo cool! I want one of these. Would make a great gift too

    November 29, 2017
    • It would! Gift someone and yourself!!! 😘

      November 30, 2017
  4. Preet@thevelvetlife

    That looks like a good box, I like the variety of things in it. I like the color of the non-slip socks.

    November 29, 2017
  5. How on earth does your boy wreck shoelaces?!? I don’t think I’ve ever had to buy new shoelaces – the shoes wear out first. Kids always manage to have a knack for destruction haha

    November 29, 2017
  6. I love a gift box. Perfect Christmas present 🙂

    December 4, 2017

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