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Black magic- The truffle.

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Ban the bland people, for here comes …. the truffle.

If you remember a few blog posts ago, I talked about a must see and visit place in Western Australia called Pemberton. Well today, I want to entice you yet again to visit this amazing place . This time I’m using a Truffle as a lure. That’s why I am calling it the black magic.

About Truffles:

Truffles belong to a small group of fungy that grow approximately 20 cm underground.  Normally they are harvested in late autumn to early winter. Pigs are used to sniff out the truffles and nowadays they even use specially trained dogs for this work. Because truffles are not easily found and have a very short season they can be a very pricey item to buy. So when you get the chance to have a bite, savour……..every…….. second…….. of that experience.

Where can I find more I hear you say . Or is that just a TV ad running in the background?


The Truffle and Wine Company (of course)

The farm produces Black Winter Truffles, known the world over, as a rare and expensive gourmet delicacy. From establishment of the Farm, it took the Truffle and Wine Company 6 years to harvest their first Black Magic and it weighed in at a handsome 168g.  Ka-ching!

When truffles are fully mature they are imperfectly round in shape and black in colour, with a dense black interior. Truffles are firm to the touch and resemble the texture of a potato. At first bite I tasted a mushroom but the longer it lasted the more obsessed I was with the aroma, the flavour and the way it tantalised my taste buds.

The stunning Truffle and Wine Company is where you need to go to experience this and many amazing products.

They have a cellar door and an adjoining restaurant allowing you to experience the  ‘Truffle Kitchen’. You can even go for a truffle hunt, but you need to ensure that you book in advance. After you have finished your meal , and if you love shopping, then you can buy some amazing products right there and then too. Are you jealous yet?

My family and I had lunch at this amazing place. The customer service was superb, and they were also helpful when it came to ordering practical food for the kids. This is always a plus.

Our entire meal was scrumptious, but the dish I loved most was the “Baked Truffle Brie”.  This mouth-watering truffle infused brie is baked in cream and parmesan, and served with hazelnuts in truffle honey and crostini. Seriously I was literally licking the plate and my fingers afterwards. I bought back home the “Hazelnuts in Truffle Honey 200g” jar.

You can buy the Hazelnuts in truffle honey via this link to their website. This is a delicious treat made from hazelnuts grown in their trufferie, resting in local honey infused with truffle flavour.
Price is : $22.00

Their recommended serving suggestion is to pour it over vanilla ice cream or stir it into yoghurt. Wow. You can even
add this honey to glazed carrots then add with it some crushed nuts, or you can also drizzle it over cubes of extra sharp parmesan and serve it with crostini or crackers.

You’ll be the hostess with the most whatever the occasion with the fabulous spread of goodies from the Truffle and Wine Company.

Much love





  1. Amy

    Now I’m dreaming about this baked truffle brie. I am seriously considering going to Pemberton for our next family vacation just to visit this place.

    May 25, 2016
  2. You had me at truffle. Dying to try the truffle hazelnuts – would go down a treat right now!

    May 25, 2016
  3. fiona

    I must try it wow looks delicious ?

    May 25, 2016
  4. Betty

    I heard about triffle before but now I know all about it! Hazelnut and trufffle honey sounds like an Amaxing combo! We will keep it in mind as we always have planned to visit Pemberton!

    May 26, 2016
  5. Tash

    Think you just helped us choose our next adventure, just to try the baked truffle Brie!!

    May 27, 2016
    • Oh that’s awesome, you would love it.

      May 27, 2016

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