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Yummy for my Tommy

Posted in Food

Yes, that’s right. It’s not a spelling mistake. I know the difference between Tummy and Tommy! This time I want to tell you about another treasure…

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What the heck should I cook for dinner tonight

Posted in Food

Dinner time! Just thinking about what ELSE to cook each night is exhausting, let alone the act of cooking itself! I’m a huge fan of eating;…

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SAL de IBIZA- “fleur de sel”

Posted in Food

Can something as simple and basic as salt be that unique and different that its worth writing about? The answer is yes, of course; I…

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Stix Bar-restaurant review

Posted in Food

If you haven’t experienced this restaurant yet you must be living in the “STIX” . Boom! Yes, I worked on this line, for a few…

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Kuza – restaurant review.

Posted in Food

This weeks restaurant review comes to you “KUZA” felt like it. HAHAHA , ok so that must be the world’s lamest joke ever, but that…

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Bread in common

Posted in Food

  I will start doing a restaurant review to hopefully showcase just how many amazing eatries there are here in Perth Western Australia. Bon appetite…

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Black magic- The truffle.

Posted in Food


Ban the bland people, for here comes …. the truffle.

If you remember a few blog posts ago, I talked about a must see and visit place in Western Australia called Pemberton. Well today, I want to entice you yet again to visit this amazing place . This time I’m using a Truffle as a lure. That’s why I am calling it the black magic.

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Tea for 1 or 2?

Posted in Food

  This weeks post is all about TEA, some of its uses and general information about tea. Firstly , what are the origins of tea…

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The Organic Soft cider- Tangletoe

Posted in Food

Who could blame Adam and Eve for being tempted by the humble apple. They clearly knew the benefits of this amazing fruit straight away. If only…

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O-Med Olive Oil.

Posted in Food


The first food blog, YES!

I was very lucky to receive a beautiful gourmet food hamper a few days ago with all sorts of goodies in it. The first item that caught my eye is the O-MED oil and Vinegar bottles. Read More O-Med Olive Oil.

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