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Kuza – restaurant review.

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This weeks restaurant review comes to you “KUZA” felt like it. HAHAHA , ok so that must be the world’s lamest joke ever, but that was the best opening line I could come up with.

The best suggestion I had all month, was presented to me while visiting the in-laws last week, and it sounded a bit like this. ” Hey, do you two lovebirds want to go out on a date and we can do some baby sitting for you on Saturday?” It took a whole lot of One second for the unanimous response of “YES”. Saturday couldn’t come early enough and date night was set.

We looked for reviews, googled a few places, instagramed everything and finally decided Kuza was where we will dine.


Customer service experience:

I called to make a reservation to book our date. It is always a good sign when you are told the place is full and the only option was to sit at the bar. It indicates that clearly the place is very popular. I have been there on a few prior occasions but never seated at the bar. They did offer that they will try their best to seat us on the tables as soon as one was available, without me asking for this. Customer service – tick.

The entire night, we were served by very friendly staff. They were informative and offered solutions and options if you were stuck. We asked to take pictures of things and they were very accommodating the whole night. I’m loving this so far. As soon as were seated we were offered water and within 2 minutes we were presented with the menus.


Atmosphere and style of the restaurant:

The first thing that hits you is the smell as soon as you open the doors. It is just amazing. Eau de Japanese heaven! The restaurant is nicely designed, so you can have the intimate dinner for two or the large party set up, if you so choose.

The restaurant is decorated with wood panneling on one side and on the opposing wall are shelving units full of all sorts of wines and Saki. The ceiling itself is covered in Japanese newspaper cuttings. Your eyes are also automatically drawn to that feature and this is where I saw my first disappointing aspect for the night. The lovely hanging light bulbs need a good dust. The bar seating is also a bit on the dark side however added atmosphere to my date night. The bar seats are situated directly in front of the kitchen and I would have hoped that given its location, the kitchen would have tried to hide some glad wrap and plates from being directly in front of where we were seated.

The music was classy and ambient.The staff were very well presented. Very friendly and accommodating.




I will start with the menu. What a disappointment. It was old and dirty. Clearly needing to be replaced. Don’t get me wrong the food on that menu was all mouth-watering, but it really is the first real experience you are going through before you choose your meal.











The cream de la cream for me was the crunchy Katsu Oysters! You could still taste the ocean and they tasted fresh. Amazing. They served the Katsu Oysters with crunchy red cabbages which was also delicious. The ceviche is our regular ‘go to’ dish. It was our first experience of the Tofu steak and goodness me, I wanted to lick the plate clean.  Everything had purpose on the plate. The food was yet again a perfect score in my eyes.

The dishes came out within 5 mins from ordering (yes we timed it), I was happy to receive the first one so quickly, but would have preferred for them to serve the rest of the dishes more staggered and in a timed fashion.

With the second course we got fresh new plates. To add to my experience, I felt if they knew what my next dish was, the replacement dishes should really have been bowls. It would have just made sense based on the actual dish that was ordered. But this is a minor observation.

Would I go back and recommend this to others?

Definitely! We have been here a few times before but this is the first time I really attend the place with a critical eye.

Overall rating: 4.2 star out of 5.

Where to go?

Kuza Urban Japanese Food
393 Albany Highway,
Victoria Park, WA 6100
Telephone: (08) 9361 8888


Much love





  1. Betty

    We have been there as well and really enjoyed the food and the restaurant’s decoration! We will go back for sure! Betty

    June 9, 2016
  2. fiona

    Very nice review thanks for sharing x

    June 9, 2016
  3. Hey Fabulous!✨I’ve just nominated you for an award🏆 so head on over to my blog and check it out !

    June 10, 2016
    • Thank you Jackie . Much appreciated .

      June 14, 2016
  4. Loved your opening line, hahaha. Those oysters look and sound so delicious!

    June 14, 2016
    • Thank you darling. I try my best, hehe.

      June 14, 2016

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